What God Did in Me at Oregon Youth Convention

by Braden Pennington


Two weeks ago, I was able to go to Oregon Youth Convention with our youth group. I went expecting God to do things in my life and showing me the answers to my questions I had. The most powerful times of the trip for me was during worship.  During the last evening worship session, the holy spirit urged me to pray for a particular person. After some negotiating I went and prayed for the person. This act of obedience taught me a lot more than I expected! I discovered that when I surrender in obedience to God that I truly become a living vessel for Him. When we let God live through us all the time, that’s when we are living life to the fullest.  Now the challenge for myself is to let God breathe through me all the time living completely surrendered 24/7.  I challenge you as a reader to do the same.  Let God access every part of your life so that He can fully live through you and create you into the beautiful person He has created you to be.

OYC Reflections

by Sarah Wiltrout

OYC was an amazing experience. OYC stands for Oregon Youth Convention. OYC is an every year church trip near Salem. I liked OYC because of the environment, the worship and the sermon. The students and leaders were kind and welcoming. The leaders were very fun and were a part of the reason that made the trip fun. The worship was very touching. My friends and I loved the services for worship. It was very much of a spirits rising type of worship. One of the speakers was Reggie Dabbs. All I heard all week was about how amazing Reggie was, and how they can’t wait for him to come back. Another leader that spoke was Brian Eno, who was so much fun.

OYC Reflections

by Nevaeh VanDusen

OYC was an amazing event with friends and a good place to find God and worship Him. The trip also came with some awkward moments, but we all laughed them off. I had the best time and I got really close with God. I loved the worship and the support that came with my walk.

To read the full newsletter (and see more images from OYC), go to www.parkwaycc.com/newsletter, November 2017, Vol. 1, Issue 4.

Posted on November 4, 2017 .