Communication, Connecting and Christ

by Pastor Dennis Webber

Welcome to our new newsletter format!  It is our hope that this will be one more way we all stay connected.  Living connected or disconnected is the big thing in life.  Sin disconnected us from our Creator so He came to reconnect with us.  He connected with us in personal ways, in life changing ways, and in eternity changing ways.  That same sin separated us from each other.  Not that there is enough space to really get away from each other, but we often find ourselves putting up with broken awkward relationships with people we would like to be close to, people we would like to be connected with.  So Scripture talks to us not just about being connected with God but how to be connected with each other.

As Jesus said, the first and greatest commandment is to love God with all that we are and all that we have and that the second commandment is similar to it, love one another the way Christ loved us.  Connected, not in forced ways but in life giving relational ways is at the heart of this Christian thing.

As we launch this new communication tool – because being connected means sharing information – I want you to be alert to some things.  First is the opportunity to connect with others in the Parkway family in ways that are life affirming.  You will notice that most of what you read in this newsletter is focused on events other than Sunday morning and often for gatherings of smaller settings like events for youth or men or women.  

We speak of our Care Groups as places “to know and be known, to pray and be prayed for.”  Be alert to opportunities to be a part of these groups as a place to find personal encouragement and connection.  If you do not find a group you can easily connect with, start one!  We will help you be a successful facilitator of friends gathering in the name of Jesus to know and be known, praying and being prayed for.

We will also be using these pages to report back on the successes and outcomes of some of the projects we engage in, everything from how much did we raise for that cause to how did that trip go that those young people went on.

Our focus on these pages will continue to reflect our understanding of why we are here as individual Christians gathered in this fellowship.  We are here to help people connect with Jesus.  We illustrate this with what we call The Bridge of Ministry.  It reminds us that God has saved us from ourselves and the futility of the life we were creating.  He then walked us across from where we were to a place of relationship with Him and others whom He had already saved from themselves.  In this new place we help each other live out this new life God has given us.  Along the way we have come to understand that God is asking us to work with Him in the process of saving other people from themselves.  

While one side of the bridge is firmly rooted in what God is doing for us collectively as people already saved from ourselves, the other side of the bridge is firmly rooted in the places we believe that God has asked us to partner with Him in saving others from themselves and the lives being forced upon them by sin and sin’s bad choices.

Consequently, part of what you will read about here are ways we are connecting either as individuals or collectively with those in the community that seem to be in greatest need of assistance.  You will read about volunteering to help people who are struggling with life controlling issues.  You will read about volunteering to help people going through life crisis.  You will read about volunteering to help children and families in the foster care system.  

Being connected in life affirming, life-giving ways is key to this whole Jesus lifestyle.  We want you to be informed.  We want you to be connected.  We want hurting and struggling people to be connected with Jesus.  It is great to be able to do life with you!

To read the full newsletter, go to, August 2017, Vol.1, Issue 1.

Posted on August 9, 2017 .