Meet Josh Schaubroeck, new director of the CBF!

by Pastor Stephen Olson


There’s a new face on the Parkway campus! Meet Josh Schaubroeck (pronounced “show-broke”), the new director of the Community Bridges Foundation. I had the chance to sit down with Josh over lunch at Taprock and ask him a few questions.

What is the Community Bridges Foundation (CBF)?

CBF is a non-profit, 501C3, umbrella foundation for four programs: Celebrate Recovery, Church of the Valley, Royal Family Kids, and Every Child. My job is to promote those four programs and to handle a lot of the background business. Most of my work is actually for Every Child.

What is Every Child?

It started in Portland. Their goal is to involve the community in foster care. We offer a wide menu of ways people can get involved and help foster kids, foster families, and DHS workers. People can donate clothes, welcome boxes, and snacks; people can volunteer for Foster Parents Night Out or be Office Buddies; and people can look into foster parenting, emergent care, or respite care. 

I think I’m familiar with most of that, but what are Office Buddies?

When kids come into DHS, they are required to be within line of sight of the DHS worker. So they typically end up having to sit there and hear the DHS worker call house after house, looking for someone who is willing to take that kid in. It can be fairly discouraging. So some county in Oregon thought it would be good to ask people to volunteer to hang out with the kid and have fun while the DHS worker finds them a home. 

Every Child is a franchise model, so any good ideas that work can get sent up to headquarters and then recommended across the state.

How can people at Parkway become Office Buddies or talk to you about other ways they can help?

They can e-mail me at

What’s your favorite part of the job?

I love the times I get to be directly involved in helping kids in vulnerable situations. I loved sending out an e-mail looking for a prom dress and then giving that donation to the girl and seeing her face light up. It was awesome. 

Last week I got to give a donated computer to a kid who is interested in robotics. Those are the moments I enjoy the most.

To read the full newsletter this article appeared in, go to, October 2018, Vol. 2, Issue 10.

Posted on October 9, 2018 .