Generation Unleashed 2018

by Seth Wallenburn


Our Catalyst students went to a conference called Generation Unleashed in Portland, Oregon. The purpose and goal of the Generation Unleashed conference is for students and volunteers to leave with their life changed by the power of God. City Bible Church celebrated their 25th anniversary of putting on the conference this year, and it was an incredible one! During the conference we got to hear from nationally known speakers such as Micah Carter, Levi Lusko and Havilah Cunnington!  The theme for this year was God’s Grace! I would say with confidence that most, if not all, of the 45 staff and volunteers who went on the trip had an encounter with God. It was great to see students commit their lives to Christ for the first time, and students who decided to come back to their relationship with Christ! I’ll never forget talking to one of our students who is new to our youth ministry during one of the sessions. God spoke to her about grace in a new light. She told me that she has always been good at forgiving others, but has not forgiven herself for past sins until this trip. What an incredible testimony that will help to change her trajectory years down the road. A simple realization of God’s grace--empowering her to live in Christ’s abundant life! We just finished a testimony series in our main Sunday service, most of these testimonies were based upon milestones. For some of our students this was a milestone moment in their life. A God encounter that changed the way they will live after this trip! For others it was a new beginning where they just began their journey of following Christ! I can tell you, Church, that God is not just a God of the past generations. God is raising up a generation with a selfless faith, one that is authentic and genuine, one that seeks to serve and save the lost and broken people in our city! My prayer is that God is going to use this trip to catapult us into new territory as a church; new roads; new visions; and new life. Can I encourage you to pray for the next generation? Pray that God will use them in mighty ways and He would use these God encounters to bring change to our city!

To read the full newsletter this article appeared in, go to, March 2018, Vol. 2, Issue 3.

Posted on March 10, 2018 .