Geronimo Project

by Bonnie VanDusen


When we said YES to foster care we knew there would be additional expenses.  Soon after becoming a foster parent I saw a huge gap in the system and started Geronimo-Project.  My main goal with Geronimo-Project was to let people know what we as foster parents walk through and how other fosters and you the community can support and walk alongside.  Recently we hosted our 1st Foster Parent Clothing Swap.  When some homes can have a minimal of 4 kids and up to 10 kids the task of back to school or seasonal shopping can be a bit overwhelming and expensive.  A simple idea of foster parents being able to bring clothes kids no longer fit into and exchange them with other fosters turned into something more.  As the word spread community groups and individuals donated up to 245 bags worth of gently used clothing for the event.  We opened up the doors and served 10 different foster which is about $15,000 in savings for those foster families.  After servicing our foster families we opened up the doors to the general public charging $1.00 for clothing items servicing another 5 families and raising additional funds for foster families.  It can be very overwhelming if you want to help out with foster care in some way yet not open your home.  Our vision and goal with Geronimo-Project is to spread the message that everyone can do something. For more information visit

To read the full newsletter this article appeared in, go to, September 2018, Vol. 2, Issue 9.

Posted on September 3, 2018 .