Creation & Fall

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By Dennis Webber

2019 Bible Reading Plan Part 1: Genesis 1-11

The opening chapters of the Bible are both exciting and discouraging.  It is exciting to see that we are not in a completely random universe.  What we know of as the physical universe was well thought out, powerfully brought into existence, and our corner of it was uniquely designed for our existence and purpose.  On the other hand it is tragic how quickly it went sideways because of human choice.  We were created with freedom and influence, so when we chose badly it affected lots of things.

But the God who had executed the beginning of all things executed a plan to fix what we had done to ourselves and to our environment before we messed it up.  There is tragedy but there is hope!  This is a theme we will see as we read the story of the Bible.

Together we are reading the Bible in 2019. If you would like to follow along with us, visit to download the app today.

Posted on January 25, 2019 and filed under BIBLE2019.