The Wilderness

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By Dennis Webber

2019 Bible Reading Plan Part 5: Numbers & Deuteronomy

We have been pausing to take a look at this wilderness journey in our times together on Sunday mornings.  The lessons and illustrations are seemingly endless.  There are these amazing points in the story when God just does awesome things and there are even a couple of times when the people believe God will do them and are thankful when they are done.

Unfortunately there seems to be more times when they doubt God can help them regardless of how many times He has helped them in the past.  And what should result in gratitude often seems to end up in dissatisfaction.  In fact, in the end, Paul writes to the Corinthians and says the things that happened to them are examples for us so that we do not mess up the way they did.  I hope no one ends up using my life as an example of how not to live.

So here we are, living on the earth having been set free from sin and addiction headed for heaven – our kind of wilderness wandering.  Consequently every day we get to choose to have faith or fear, to be grateful or grumpy, or to trust or be terrified.  God is with us on this journey and He is providing for us along the way.  He has promised to bring us to a place of abundance forever.  We just need to walk with Him from where we are to where we are going.

It sounds so simple but as the story of the Israelites tells us the frustrations of the desert can get the better of our faith and our perspective can become sour if we are not careful to place our thoughts on Him, the originator and finisher of our story.

Read and learn as the Apostle Paul tells us.

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