Let's Read Together

by Pastor Dennis Webber


How many times have you said “This year I am going to read my Bible – THE WHOLE THING!” - only to get a few weeks into it, hit a couple of really busy days and the book of Leviticus and . . . well you know.  Maybe next year.

God is telling a story through Scripture.  It is exciting.  It is informative.  It is brutally honest about just how bad sin can get and dramatically honest about how far God will go to save us from ourselves in spite of ourselves.  But let’s face it, for many it is the longest book we will ever read with a story located in places we have never been and full of really strange names.  And for the names we do know, just how many Josephs are there anyway?

I think we have found a way to help us not just get through the pages but to come away understanding what we have read and how the chapters we are reading fit into the big story of what God is up to.  It comes in the form of a Bible reading app called “Read Scripture.”  

The most outstanding feature of this app is that includes short videos before each book and sprinkled throughout in other places, that help us keep the big picture in focus and understand the details as they relate to the big story being told.

Like all Bible reading plans there is the reading part, about 4 chapters per day.  Unlike other plans this one will take you through the story in a chronological fashion, weaving together the books that give you the historic events with the prophets who were commenting on them.  Along with that is a daily reading of one of the Psalms.  In fact, before you are done you will have read the whole book and all 150 Psalms twice!

We have determined as a congregation that are going to be ruthlessly Biblical.  So if we are not going to end up being just Biblically flavored instead of being truly Biblically accurate, we need to be Biblically literate.  We need to know what the Book says, what it means, and how it informs our lives.  Let’s read the most amazing work of literature on the planet this year.  Lets read it together.

If you visit parkwaycc.com/Bible2019 you will find all of the information you need to download the app, get the printable, and join us on this journey. 

To read the full newsletter this article appeared in, go to www.parkwaycc.com/newsletter, January 2019, Vol. 3, Issue 1.

Posted on January 5, 2019 .