The Rise and Fall of Israel's Kingdom


By Dennis Webber

2019 Bible Reading Plan Part 7: Ruth, 1&2 Samuel, 1&2 Kings

The symbols and typology of this amazing story continue.  The illustration shifts from navigating the desert to how do we live with God on the earth in a place that includes both His amazing blessings and the resistance of evil. 

As most human stories seem to do, they start out with amazing grace and amazing victories.  The waters part on the Jordan River and they enter the land by amazing intervention.  The walls of Jericho fall as the result of complete obedience to what is by any standard a crazy battle plan.  Over a period of several years the armies of Israel are victories over enemies that were determined to stop them.

But rather than acknowledge the wonders of living in harmony with God, the people quickly turn to tribalism, violence, and immorality.  It is hard not to read these events and wonder how could a people that had experienced so much deliverance and victory trade it in for a way of life that they knew was flawed and led to destruction.  Yet how many times have we experienced God’s deliverance and mercy in our own lives only to return to the very things He delivered us from in the first place?  How many times have we traded our old sin for a new one, knowing that our new sin is only new to us and that it did not work for the people who tried it before us? 

Superstition and sensuality will always be practiced by someone who will offer it to us as an alternative to righteous living.  The freedom God gives us is the freedom to choose as opposed to the addiction of our sins that tells us what to choose.  This freedom to choose does not choose for us.  How we live this life of freedom and provision from God is directly connected to the choices we make. 

God has brought you to a new place.How are you living in that new place?

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