Parkway's Care Groups are amazing.  We want everyone to experience what happens in our Care Groups--Bible study, prayer, fellowship, fun and service! If you aren’t involved in a Care Group already, now is a great time to sign-up!  If you are interested in getting involved in a Care Group, take a look at our list of open Care Groups below, and then Click here to join one.

Interested in being a Care Group Leader?  Click here.

Interested in being a Care Group Host?  Click here.

Care Group Leaders, click here for volunteer opportunities.

Current Open Care Groups

  • Dan and Danielle Fear | Sermon-Based | Mondays at 7pm in their home.

  • Neil and Jennifer Freeman | Sermon-Based | Tuesdays at 6pm in their home.

  • Pastor Stephen and Corissa Olson | Sermon-Based | Sundays at 5:30pm in their home.

  • Tom Varner | Wednesdays at 7pm in their home.

  • Pastor Ron and Gayle Marsh | Sundays at 6pm in their home.

  • Mark and Robin Swanburg | Young Adults Group | Sundays at 6:30pm in their home.

  • Earl Evers | Men's Group | Fridays at 10am at the Gold Miner.

  • Terry Potter | Men's Group | Thursdays at 6:30am in the Fellowship Hall.

  • Dale Gibson and Bill Feetham | Sunday Coffee Group | Open to All | Sundays at 8:30am in the Conference Center