Gifting Seminar

When: Sunday, September 22/29, 6-7:30 pm

Fellowship Hall

Cost: $20 (DISC Test)

At Parkway our desire is to connect the Church with community, acting as a bridge to help people get from chaos to Jesus, and from stability to ministry in the community. There are many opportunities to serve in real-world settings along the Bridge of Ministry.

Can you identify your place on the bridge? If not, this class is for you! Join us on September 22 & 29 and discover more about yourself.

Discovering how God created you can be exciting and enlightening. The ‘Uniquely You Spiritual Gifts’ (a 7 Spiritual Gifts Survey and DISC Questionnaire), will help you identify your spiritual gifts and personality type; how they relate to others; and where you will most likely find your place of effectiveness along the Bridge of Ministry.

It is always most rewarding and successful when we do what God created us to do. We're all important but are all different by design. Let's discover who we are and what we were created to do, and then work together to do great things with God!